Chirisa Technology Parks is hiring to support the rapid growth of our customers and 
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Our values

Our values guide our business, help foster our culture, and set a vision for our future.


Our customers trust us with the infrastructure to keep their large scale and high value businesses operating 24/7/365.

We reflect this trust in an open and honest work environment. We communicate clearly and honestly with customers and colleagues. We empower each other through teamwork and building strong working relationships.


We focus our activities on differentiated and high value applications. We work hard to tackle challenges in systematic, repeatable and scalable ways. We innovate across the board from our day-to-day agenda and interactions through to leading edge technical designs and applications.


Everyone in our company has a role to play in taking our business forward. Leadership means taking initiative to drive success. It means supporting and building an inclusive and productive culture. And it captures promoting the courage to do the right thing by our company, our customers and our colleagues.

Team member profiles


Facility Manager

What makes you most proud to be a part of CTP?

CTP has made it very clear they want to invest in their people. They encourage going to conferences to build connections, gain knowledge, and a change of scenery other than the office. Career development and opportunities are transparently discussed. Once I achieved the Chief Engineer position, I thought that was the championship belt. My goals were met, and I was content. After discussing future opportunities, I made the jump to a Facility Manager to increase my leadership skills, communication and delegation skills, and emotional intelligence.

What did you do before joining CTP?

I maintained a critical facility for 10 years as the Chief Engineer, leading a team of 13 Engineers.

What advice would you give someone considering a career at CTP?

The culture and environment are great. Work/life balance is valued and the general attitude of all my colleagues is positive. Core values and long-term goals are clear. I would encourage anybody who believes they are a good fit for open positions to apply.

Things you enjoy doing when you are not at work:

Nothing makes me happier than spending time with my family.


HR Coordinator

Did you feel supported during your initial days/weeks at the company?

Absolutely! Co-workers were always willing to help with the smallest things and to answer my questions. Management was readily available to ensure I had everything I needed to get the job done.

What aspects of the company culture do you find most appealing or unique?

I find the overall benefits package the most appealing aspect of working here. With these benefits, I’m able to provide reasonable healthcare to my family, while planning for retirement in the future. The employee referral program is also a nice perk!

Would you recommend CTP as a great place to work for prospective candidates? If so, why?

Yes, I would recommend CTP to all job seekers. It’s a great place to work and grow professionally.


Facility Manager

How has your experience at CTP differed from previous roles/companies?

This job has differed in many ways but the one that sticks out the most is the humble nature of the Company. No one is too smart or too clever to accept an idea or advice in the genuine manner it is given. No one is too arrogant to be helpful. We all know the goals and are working towards them.

What did you do prior to joining CTP?

I have been doing the Data Center Operations gig for almost a decade. Prior to joining CTP, I was working as a Chief Engineer for a large hyperscale operator. Prior to that, I was a Nuclear Operator in the Navy.  I have lived my adult life in an operations environment – it is what I enjoy!

What do you like doing in your free time outside of work?

Outside of work, I like to be outdoors with my family. We enjoy biking, hiking, and working on our yard. I also enjoy woodworking.

Diversity and inclusion

As a family owned company we take pride in a diverse, trusting and open work environment. We welcome applications from all walks of life. We especially encourage veterans and ex-military personnel to come forward for our open positions.

News & media

January 22, 2024

Major 150MW expansion initiatives across the USA

We’re excited to announce our major 150MW expansion across the USA focused on hyperscale and AI workloads

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